Why You Should Crate Train Your Dog?

If you have a dog who likes to chew or eat things they should not be eating, then crate training is an effective way to keep your dog safe and healthy

By putting your puppy or dog in a crate, you are giving them a sense of security and a place they can call their own. Dogs actually like having a “den” to cuddle up in. By putting the dog in a crate while you are gone, it will also give you peace of mind knowing that they are in a safe place away from harm and not doing any damage to your belongings or themselves.

Crate Training Your Dog Helps with Potty Training

Crate training will also help with potty training. Make sure you put your pet on a regular schedule for potty breaks and use the crate when you are gone or need your pet to rest. Dogs will typically not “go” in their home. They like to keep it clean and will hold it until you can take them outside to go to the bathroom. Remember to always praise your pet when they go to the bathroom in the area you want them to outside.

Puppies have very small bladders so they cannot physically hold it for very long. I would suggest that you take the puppy out every two hours. As puppies get older, naturally they will gain bladder control and be able to hold it for longer periods.

Crate training is a vitally important part of bringing a dog of any age into your life and home. It can benefit puppies, adult dogs, adopted dogs, rescued dogs and puppies and seniors. Crate training can give dogs a sense of security by providing a “den” for them to call their own and give owners more peace of mind knowing their dog is kept safe and not getting into trouble. Here are some reasons why you should consider crate training your dog:

Helps prevent accidents: Dogs are naturally curious and may chew on things they shouldn’t, such as electrical cords, panty hose, wires, dangerous or poisonous substances. Crating your dog when they are left alone can help keep them safe and out of trouble especially if you have a mischievous dog or puppy at home.

Main Reasons to Crate Train Your Dog

Potty training: Dogs will typically not “go” in their crate as they consider this their home or “den”. They like to keep it clean and will hold it until you can take them outside to go for a walk. By creating a regular schedule for walks where they can go out and go to the bathroom and using the crate when you are not home or when your pet needs to rest or take nap, you can help with potty training.

Safety First: If you put your dog or puppy in a crate while you are gone, it will give you peace of mind knowing that they are safely tucked away and out of harms way. When in the crate they are not getting into mischief, destroying your home and belongings or having accidents inside the house.

Crates While Traveling: If you plan on traveling with your dog, crate training is a must. It gives them a safe, familiar place to stay while traveling. Whether it’s in a car, airplane or train your dog will be safely confined in their “den”.

Behavioral issues: Crate training can assist with behavioral issues by helping to prevent accidents, avoiding bathroom mistakes, helping to control impulse issues, and aiding your pup with separation anxiety. Crates are a familiar place that your dog can call its own.

Please note that crate training may not be right for all dogs and puppies consult your local veterinarian or dog trainer for information.

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