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How to Train Your Dog

Positive Reinforcement is the Key to Good Dog Training Good training is based on positive reinforcement and should take into consideration the age, breed and temperament of your dog. Training a puppy is much different than training older senior dog. You may decide to train the dog yourself or perhaps you want to find a trainer. You can find a...

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Choosing the Right Collar for your Dog

What Collar Should I Buy For My Dog There are many types of collars available and each employs a different mechanism meant to guide your pet, restrain them, discourage bad behavior or control a disobedient dog. Some training collars can harm a dog if they are not used correctly or are the wrong size; so, you should research training collars...

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Training Your Dog to Sit

How To Train My Dog to Sit An untrained or poorly trained dog is a nuisance and can even be a danger to itself and others. While a properly trained dog, is a wonderful and pleasant companion. Dog training, in addition to helping you bond, can even protect your pet from being hurt itself or others if they listen commands and come when called....

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Training Your Dog to Stay

How to Train Your Dog to Sit A well-trained dog is a pleasure to have around. Not only does it foster a stronger bond between you and your pet, but it can also prevent your dog from getting injured, harming others, or worse, if it can be summoned to your side or commanded to stop in times of danger. When training your dog, it’s best to use a...

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Largest Dog Breeds

What is the biggest dog breed in the world? While the Great Dane is frequently acknowledged as the tallest breed, it's impossible to overlook the Irish Wolfhound and English Mastiff, which stand as formidable rivals. Depending on whether we consider height when they're on all fours, the towering stance on their hind legs, or the sheer weight they...

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Does My Dog Have Dandruff or Mange

Does My Dog Have Dandruff, or is it Mange? What Causes It and How to Treat It Whether your pet dog is a puppy or an older dog, dandruff is a relatively common occurrence. Dandruff can be caused by skin allergies, nutritional issues, or improper grooming. But occasionally dandruff can be a sign of a parasite called mange. There are three different...

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Why You Should Crate Train Your Dog?

If you have a dog who likes to chew or eat things they should not be eating, then crate training is an effective way to keep your dog safe and healthy By putting your puppy or dog in a crate, you are giving them a sense of security and a place they can call their own. Dogs actually like having a “den” to cuddle up in. By putting the dog in a...

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Urine Samples, Stool Samples and Anal Glands, Oh My!

When most people first get a new puppy, rescue or adopt a dog, they think of all the fun moments they will have with their new member of the family. But there are occasionally things that aren't as enjoyable that we as current or future dog owners must consider when keeping our furry friends healthy and happy. These are collecting urine samples,...

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How to safely enjoy the heat of summer with your dog

How to safeguard your dog in summer Summer is a wonderful time to spend outdoors with our dogs, but we have to be mindful of the temperature and help safeguard our pups from heat related issues. If they get too hot, they can suffer from heatstroke, a dangerous condition that happens when they stay in hot or humid places for too long. Heatstroke...

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What are the Best Dog Adoption Websites

According to the ASPCA shelter-intake-and-surrender approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters nationwide every year. Some of these animals are rescued from cruel situations like puppy mills, hoarding cases, and dog fighting rings. As a result, these dogs frequently struggle with trauma and require...

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